May 21, 2022 5:08 am

Ad groups & keywords

In this section, you’ll be creating your ad groups and your target keywords for this campaign. Before getting started here, you need to understand that ad groups are created to host specific ads. Having different ad groups is great when you want to try different things with different ads. For example, you can use different ad copies and images to target users using different keywords.

That is why you can target different keywords within each ad group that you create. Now, let’s get started. First, you’ll need to enter your business website or the landing page that you’ll be using within this ad group. You can check the “my website is not ready” box if you don’t have either one, but we advise you to get one quickly if that’s the case!
Now, name your ad group in “ad group name,” and start entering your keywords in the field below.

You can arrange your keywords by separating them with commas, or by hitting the “enter” key to arrange them on separate text lines. You can always get keyword suggestions automatically on your right when you enter your website URL and the name of your products or services in the respective fields. You can create new ad groups with the “add new ad group” button at the bottom. When you are done creating your ad groups, click on “save and go to the next step”.

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