May 21, 2022 8:49 am

(2) Engineering: This is the second largest group at 2.2 million (approximately 37%). Almost every product you use is due to some form of engineering. The number of specialties is as broad as the number of people in the field. They include agricultural, biomedical, chemical, civil (the largest category), electrical/electronics and mechanical engineers among others. There are also drafters and technicians, who assist the engineers in designing and then testing the products they help produce.

(3) Technology – The largest group at approximately 2.9 million (almost 50%), these people are the main work force of the field, and the fed primarily reserves this category for those in computer and information tech. These people make computers function. Some workers create new software, others design computer systems, some just work on databases. Others teach people how to use computers and while others keep them running in proper order. It should be noted though this area also does design and development of the machines.

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