May 21, 2022 2:35 am

#4 Identify Your Range and Expand Upon It

All too often, actors will pigeon hole themselves by going after and accepting roles in the genre or style they are accustomed to and feel comfortable with. While this may seem ideal up front, you will offer yourself no room for growth if you never test your boundaries.

Where would Tom Hanks be if he only took the role of the silly, nice guy for the duration of his career? Sure, he may have had success, but he never would have achieved the worldwide recognition he has earned as a result of his willingness to break free of his mold and venture into other styles of acting.the sims,โหลดมายคราฟในคอม,loadgame pc,โหลดเกมไฟล์เดียว,เกมเถ้าแก่น้อย

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