May 23, 2022 12:24 am

That’s where a three layer mask comes in. Here’s how it works.


So the vinyl is either printed and cut, or die cut from a solid color vinyl sheet. It comes off the machine still held together by the backing because the blades are set to only cut the vinyl and not through the paper backing.

Then it’s time to “weed” the vinyl. Weeding is when someone takes a tweezer or a pointed pick tool and pulls off each piece that is not needed. So in our logo example, we would need to weed everything around the logo, including the inside of the “e.”

Then, the only part left on the paper backing would be the logo.

So how do we get that logo from the backing paper to our wall? Here’s where the third layer comes in.

Next, we take clear transfer tape and apply it over the entire decal. (It’s important to know what the decal will be applied to so that the correctly transfer tape is used.)

In our case, we now ship the custom wall decal out to our customer.

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