May 19, 2022 10:13 pm

Why Do My Exhaust Fans Need To Be Hinged?

Restaurant owners and managers know what’s going on inside. They know when those tables and booths are filled with hungry customers and when they’re not. They pay attention to food quality, customer service, work ethic of kitchen personnel, cleanliness of the establishment, inventory, and all the other responsibilities that come with owning or managing a restaurant. Not to mention profit margins. That’s a seven course plateful of obligations that require the focus of those in charge. So rooftop issues and needs are not high on the priority list. The rooftop is out of sight so it’s out of mind. Until it becomes a drain on those profits.

Two major causes of rooftop damage and expensive repair bills are the corrosive grease that is drawn up from the kitchen to the roof by rooftop fans and also the fans themselves. Grease will end up on the roof if steps aren’t taken to contain it, publishingbooth  such as the installation of an effective grease containment system like the Grease Gutter™. Premature roof membrane failure can be the result. The fans can also be the source of damage during the periodic hood and duct cleaning schedule. Fans must be tilted out of the way or actually removed from the curb so that the service provider can properly, safely and efficiently perform his or her job.

This process can be the source of problems. A heavy fan can tilt so far back that it topples over, often violently, which is 200 or 300 pounds of metal hammering the roof. Cables, electrical boxes and the fan housing are likely candidates for damage. Injury to the service provider and the liability that comes with it is a distinct possibility. All of the above scenarios can and have occurred many times and all are expensive headaches. A strong, reliable hinge kit installed on the fan is an inexpensive and effective way to significantly reduce the likelihood of this happening at your restaurant.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recognizes the importance of hinge kits as a necessary measure for overall restaurant safety. The NFPA is an organization whose membership includes engineers, fire marshals, experts in the hood and duct cleaning industry, Underwriters Laboratory officials, and other qualified people who are charged with writing the codes that outline procedures for ensuring safe operation policies for restaurants. Chapter of NFPA 96 code reads  creativeflicks  “Approved up-blast fans with motors surrounded by the air stream shall be hinged, supplied with flexible, weather-proof cable and service hold-open retainers, and listed for this use.” This code is recognized as the standard by which restaurants should adhere to.

The restaurant owner might say “I understand that hinges are required, but why? I don’t see how they make money for my business and I don’t see what benefits they provide. They seem to be just another unnecessary expense to me.” Well, it is true that a quality hinge system won’t bring one additional customer to the counter, table or booth. But it can and will save money in many ways. Destructive grease often makes its way to the rooftop because the seal between the fan base and the duct is compromised. This usually happens because there is no hinging system or because an inadequate hinge is mounted only on the rear of the fan base which leads to the flex and distortion that opens up escape routes for the grease to ooze out from.

Strong, well designed, compatible hinges like the patent pending Super Hinge™ provide the necessary support that will reduce grease emissions and dramatically extend the service life of the exhaust fan. Installing a Super Hinge™ also makes the job of the hood cleaner much easier, faster……..and safer. The fan will stay propped open in place with no hinge or fan flex. 789bet cx It will not come crashing down with sharp corners gouging the roof – or on the service providers. They will be able to perform their job thoroughly, efficiently, more quickly, and safely. And you reduce the likelihood that an injury may occur and the insurance liability that comes with accidents involving unhinged fans. Hood cleaning companies know how much easier and faster they can complete the job when the fan is properly hinged.

Finally, a Super Hinge™ will bring your restaurant into compliance with the NFPA code so you won’t have to worry when it comes time for your local fire marshal to pay a visit. An additional benefit is the Super Hinge™ comes with a lifetime warranty backed by industry leader Omni Containment Systems.

Once you install a Super Hinge™ you can forget about it. It is a one time expense that almost never requires any additional maintenance after installation. It will provide years and years of dependable service, save money, and is a proactive step towards making your restaurant safe and code compliant. Now you know the importance of adding a hinge system, and where to get the best ones around – the Super Hinge™ from Omni Containment Systems.

Skip Lewis is one of the top authorities on Rooftop Grease Containment and the issues that revolve around rooftop grease. As an Account Manager for Omni Containment Systems, the leading innovator of Rooftop Grease Containment solutions, Skip works daily with restaurant owners, managers, franchisees and building owners to resolve their grease containment and rooftop issues.


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