May 19, 2022 9:05 pm

Portuguese Water Dog – A Perfect Family Dog

Portuguese water dogs have crimped coats and webby toes. They have little wavy hair than poodles, feathery tails, and are smaller than the general poodle breed.

They have two coat types, kinky and curly. Occasionally, a dog may have what is termed an irregular coat. This congenital anomaly causes them to have an undercoat. The Portuguese water dog is a medium-sized, brawny dog. The large head is slightly longer then the muzzle. The teeth meet in a scissors or level bite. The black nose is broad. The feet are webby which aids in swimming. The single-layered coat is thick and is either curly or wavy in appearance. Coat colors are black, white, brown, black with white dots. The Portuguese water dog will be comfortable in a flat if it is sufficiently exercised. It is slightly active indoors and a small garden will be sufficient. It can live outside in temperate conditions.

General appearance-:
Height: Male dogs-: 19-23 inches (48-59 cm)

Female dogs 16-20 inches (41-52 cm)
Weight: Male dogs-: 40-54 pounds (17-25 kg)

Female dogs 34-49 pounds (14-22 kg)

The Portuguese water dog should be bathed and  קידום אתרים combed regularly. Initially coat type does not determine which trim they are put in. It is a personal preference. This breed is hypo allergic. The coat sheds little to no hair. The coat expands more slowly than that of a poodle so they don’t require frequent clipping.

The Portuguese water dog is an active, working dog with great endurance. They need daily physical and mental tasks, which includes a regular long jog to satisfy them. While out on the jog the dog must be made to walk beside the person holding the lead. They make excellent jogging companions. They are high energy dogs that need high energy owners who can provide them with plenty of physical and mental stimulation. Keep in mind that this highly intellectual dog will take liberties if they know they are stronger minded than it’s master.

The Portuguese water dog is a loyal and lively dog. They often make people laugh. Attached with their family. They are good with children and generally get along with strange dogs and pets with no problem. They are brave, highly intellectual and trainable, quick to understand instructions. Training these dogs is not a big deal if you understand how to communicate with them. They make good house dogs. They have a very good sense of smell. Suitable for various dog sports. Puppies are popular for their chewing habit.


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