May 23, 2022 5:14 pm

Best Credit Repair Book – Taking a Quick Look at the 37 Days to Clean Credit Repair Book

If you do a simple internet search for best credit repair book you will get millions of results and just as many different products! The shear volume of information really can be overwhelming to say the least! So how do you sort through this mess of information and figure out what is the best credit repair book that is going to show you how to boost your FICO scores fast without just taking your money?

The Brutal Truth About Most Books

You can basically dismiss most of the products that are being sold online, the reason is they just do not work. The reason they do not 10-best-credit-repair-memes work is that they are commonly full of outdated ineffective information. And to make matters worse many of these products actually take publicly available articles like the one you are reading now and compile them into a make shift book, basically charging you for free information!

How To Quickly Identify Bad Books

You can usually spot these low quality products a few different ways. While there are other characteristics there are a few that will stand out quickly and help you by pass the junk. I have listed these below for your reference, again they are just a rough guide and i am not painting all books as bad!


  • Low Quality Website
  • No Money Back Guarantee
  • Very Low Price (often $10 or less)

Is There a Good Book That Will Actually Help Me?


There are actually a few good credit repair books on the market that will give you the advice and information you need to get yourself where you want to be. One of them is called 37 days to clean credit. This is a unique product because it was written by a man who fixed his own bad credit and learned from his mistakes. He was then able to develop and fine tune his system based on what he experienced and learned.

What IS This System Based On

The system revolves around a 70 page eBook that will walk anyone through the process of FICO score repair from start to finish. It is laid out in a easy to follow manner and is very easy to understand and read.The system basically helps you do three things. Dispute items on your report, re establish new credit accounts and pay off your debt. When done right these will work together to boost your scores fast, and 37 days to clean credit shows you how!

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