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In short, when you consider that                  heating pellets aren’t produced with food intake in thoughts, there are not any real requirements you could assume when it comes to safe wood resources and binders. This isn’t an trouble if you’re the use of the wooden to heat your house; however whilst you’re talking approximately food, you could be risking extra than just the taste.

Stay safe and cook dinner smart with food-grade wood pellets. So, why are Camp Chef hardwoods the pleasant timber pellets? Ours are made from natural hardwood, kiln-dried and heat-compacted with no fillers or binders. They’ll burn faster, purifier, and more efficiently than anything else you’ll find on the market. And unlike others, our premium hardwood pellets are non-toxic. We make our pellets proper here inside the states.

Next, you need to pair the high-quality pellets with the meal you’re cooking at the grill. The “taste” of the pellets has much less to do with the actual taste of the wooden and extra to do with the energy of the smoke flavor you get from burning it. You can consider pellet taste on a scale from mild to strong; slight flavors work pleasant with sensitive foods, even as robust flavors paintings first-rate with heartier ingredients.

Check out our taste guide below.


Camp Chef Pellet Guide

We’ve expected that a 24-inch pellet grill will burn thru about 3 lbs. Of pellets in step with hour. Keep in thoughts that cooler temperatures will make your grill work tougher, ensuing in extra pellets burned. So depending on the temperature and what’s at the grill for dinner tonight you can estimate how lengthy
It’s a hardwood we are operating on for the future. Keep your eyes out for it!

Wm Seeley says:
April 25, 2017 at nine:forty seven am
So the question is and it is the same for all brands of pellets,,, What is the ratio of “hardwoods ” within the mix. Yours to is manifestly a blend, not 100% the wooden that it is known as. There are basically flavorless filler woods used in lots of pellets. I find it exciting that none of the pellet makers certainly display what the product is made from. No factor listing right here. Why no longer?
Thanks for your thoughts.
BBQ Bill

Camp Chef says:
April 25, 2017 at 11:02 am
Thanks for the query, BBQ Bill.
Our pellets are a hundred% hardwood–no flavorless filler woods or binding chemical substances. Each combination is our proprietary combo with an alder base and whichever different hardwood is known as on the bag (mesquite, hickory, and so forth.). Every pellet combination is made as much as have the fine burn taste and burn properties. We don’t have an specific ratio. Hope that enables!

Todd St John says:
April 25, 2017 at 2:18 pm
I actually have a Smoke Vault 24 and find it irresistible. Would I just put those pellets inside the chip tray dry to apply in my Smoke Vault?

Camp Chef says:
April 25, 2017 at three:26 pm
That’s exactly proper, Todd. Enjoy!

Stephen Brown says:
April 25, 2017 at 2:21 pm
My spouse received a Smoke Pro SE for Christmas. I’ve used it on brisket several times as well as Tri-Tip and burgers. Fantastic outcomes with the entirety.

My spouse has asked numerous instances if there has been a manner to get “charcoal flavored smoke.” I consider using Oak pellets might be an alternative however have no longer discovered any. Do you have got any tips short of a charcoal grill?

Camp Chef says:
April 25, 2017 at three:31 pm
Hi, Stephen! Unfortunately, you’re going to have wooden-fired flavor each time you operate hardwood as your fuel. This will taste quite distinct from charcoal smoke. However, when you have a Sear Box or one in every of our stoves as part of your outside kitchen, you can finish your food with a pleasing sear, that allows you to lend some of that char flavor that your wife enjoys.

You can also attempt cooking at better temps where you’ll get closer to a charred taste and less of a smoky, smolder flavor.


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