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202 Top SEO Experts You Should Be Following


We share techniques,                     processes, tips, tools, data, and so much extra on social media and at meetings – in addition to in articles, studies, and weblog posts.

You will definitely analyze some thing new every day from this list of 202 search engine optimization specialists.

Follow them in case you need a unfastened search engine marketing training.

Why This search engine optimization Experts List Exists
The term “SEO expert” is thrown around a lot in recent times.

Do a Google look for [seo experts to follow] and you’ll discover plenty of lists.

Here’s the thing approximately most of those lists: they’re typically deeply flawed in one manner or every other.


Generally, pinnacle search engine marketing professional lists:

Are only a sneaky way for an unknown writer to get himself or herself on a listing packed with professionals and seem like a massive-time search engine optimization expert.
Are posted through unknown search engine optimization groups or organizations merely for the functions of attracting links and shares.
Include those who, at the same time as extraordinary in different areas of advertising and marketing (social media, content material advertising, and so forth.), aren’t genuinely SEO professionals.
Include folks who no longer are really concerned in SEO (or in no way sincerely have been practitioners). For instance, even as Matt Cutts, the former prominent engineer who was head of the webspam team at Google, is probably terrific on a list if it have been nonetheless 2013 – it’s not 2013.
Include famous “experts” who percentage terrible records that provide the enterprise a bad call. (We gained’t call any names here.)

That’s why we commenced setting together this list of top government and professionals you should be following or paying attention to in case you need to study search engine optimization today.

Bonus: If you need to comply with all of these experts on Twitter, we’ve created this useful Twitter list for you.

How This List Was Compiled
Now the Search Engine Journal team has up to date this listing for this year – to carry you what we consider to be the most up to date list of fantastic SEO specialists you’ll discover.

This put up isn’t meant to praise all people who has ever been an search engine marketing expert or includes the acronym search engine marketing in his or her task title. It additionally isn’t supposed to be a reputation contest that confuses know-how with social media follower counts.

The people in this list are all actively involved with search engine optimization now – or they’re sharing search engine marketing records, information, and insights (either via social media, contributing to guides or blogs, or speakme at conferences).


Here become our basic judging criteria (although, like Google, our scoring set of rules became constituted of greater than 2 hundred rating alerts 😉):

Do they proportion accurate SEO content on social media?
Do they write accurate content approximately search engine marketing for blogs/publications?
Do they speak about search engine marketing at conferences (or webinars, podcasts, etc.)?
Are they currently doing search engine marketing (now not mandatory)?
The foremost concept of this put up is that will help you locate exciting people who understand loads approximately search engine marketing and are willing to percentage what they know.

This is just one way Search Engine Journal is capable of direct you to SEO experts who allow you to enhance at your activity and enhance your profession.

While I love the concept that there are loads of search engine marketing professionals doing incredible paintings who move unrecognized – and there clearly are! – in the event that they aren’t visible and sharing know-how, it doesn’t remember in terms of the list you’re approximately to study.

No offense is intended towards any of those difficult-working people, but in case you aren’t making yourself seen to the broader SEO community, then it’s the equivalent of ranking on Page 2 of Google.

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Our purpose with this list is to focus on individuals who are trying to assist pass the enterprise ahead by way of sharing particular insights/information/hints/ideas, etc.

Finally – there may be no rankings order here from high-quality to least best. Each person in this listing has price in their own manner.

Rather than pass in alphabetical order via last name, we plugged our listing into this listing randomizer (although I did make some minor adjustments) to present anybody a truthful shot at in which they seem.

Why You Aren’t On This List
Let’s be honest – these posts are usually a chunk arguable.

After a post like that is published, there are usually a few responses you can expect:

Those who are stated: Generally, they are commemorated, humbled, or maybe surprised. It’s constantly first-class to make a person’s day.
Those who aren’t protected: After fast checking they aren’t on the listing, they visit their social media platform of desire and point out its flaws. Typically, it comes in the shape of either “this man or woman doesn’t even do search engine marketing,” “you covered so-and-so, so this list sucks,” “lists like those devalue our entire enterprise,” or “this is only a listing of the author’s pals.”

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