May 19, 2022 10:18 pm

Getting a Handle on Exterior Locksets

When choosing a lockset for your door, there are three main types that you may be most interested in. Each one has slightly different features and can bring something different to your door. Depending upon the kind of security practice lockset you are interested in for your home, some may seem more attractive than others. You can always ask the manufacturer of the locks which might be the best for your home, or you can even talk to other outside sources about the types of locksets available to get a better idea of what you will want installed in your door.

Spring latches are the most basic type and can also be used as interior locksets. Essentially they are spring-loaded and will automatically extend when the door is fully shut. They are separate from dead bolts and can probably be found in many doors within your home already. An angled part of the latch allows the bolt to retract as it slides past the edge of the doorframe. Once the door is closed, the spring engages and the door will not open until someone turns the handle or uses a key to retract the bolt. They can be used alone but typically people like to include a deadbolt as well for added protection.

Mortise locks include both a spring latch and a locking bolt within the same piece of hardware. These can often be found on commercial and upscale residential locations and provide additional protection. One side is installed into the door’s jamb and the other in the door itself. The latter is where the locks will come from to hold the door in place. Though there are two locks involved, there is only need for a single key to operate both. These lock types also include emergency releases that can allow both locks to be opened from within the home in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Multipoint locks are not often found in many residential homes, but that doesn’t mean they are hard to find or that they are not often used. In fact, multipoint locks are recommended for much taller doors, double doors, or other locations that you want to be more secure. These locks run flush with the inside of the door and include several points where the door will lock together with another door or with the door jamb rather than just at the handle location. This brings in an even better layer of protection and can be an excellent choice for businesses and other places that require additional security.

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