May 19, 2022 9:12 pm

Only 38 Hours From Christ’s Death to His Resurrection According to the Bible

Jesus Christ supposedly died on Friday at around 3pm from what the Roman Catholic Church proclaims and then he resurrected at dawn on the following Sunday. That could only be a total of around 38 hours and definitely not 3 days as it proposes. So what else is wrong with the suggestion posited as a record of his life and times?

There are many flaws in the story and even between the Gospels there are things that simply don’t add up. In the book of Matthew he is born in a house and the king, Herod, plots to murder him. It results in his being whisked off to Egypt by his parents and he does not return until 12 years of age. His first miracle is to change water to wine.

It is a remarkably similar story to that of Chrishna (Krishna) who is born of the Virgin Maia. His life is threatened by the king, Cansa, whose plot to kill him includes murdering all the boys under 2 years of age. He is whisked off to Egypt where he hides until he returns to India at the age of 12 and performs his first miracle.

In Luke, however, the story is completely different. There he is born in a stable and people come to worship him, including the shepherds from the fields. He is then taken to the temple at 8 days of age and is circumcised. He is recognised by an old man and he grows up in his father’s workshop where he learns to be a carpenter.

Mark and John make no mention of the birth at all. One would think that if they were truly apostles of this so-called Son of God that they would have gotten the story right. cansa

Then there is his death on a cross and the resurrection 3 days later. Someone can’t add up if this is a factual account. He is put to death on Friday when crucified at noon. He dies at 3pm, or thereabouts. He then resurrects at dawn on the following Sunday, just about 38 hours later. That’s some 34 hours short of 3 days.

There are many flaws in the Jesus Christ story and the most overwhelming one is there is no evidence of his birth, life, or death in any other place other than the New Testament. It was compiled and partly written by Jerome, the doctor of the Catholic Church that was established by Constantine in 325 AD. It wrote its own history about the one that Revelation 13:13-18 declares was the invention of 666.

No Jesus Christ is the starting point to discover the facts about the invention of Jesus Christ. Heaven is hell is the place to go to find out why there are no such places.



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