May 21, 2022 2:50 am

Peace, Love and Happiness

If you want to find peace, love and happiness in life you have to be a realist and understand first of all that this is too difficult to be found. Life is not a simple matter and there are too many dangers threatening your happiness.

Peace on Earth is only a myth. Violence and selfishness prevail everywhere and are observed in everyone’s behavior.

However, if you are serious, you can really find peace, love and happiness in life, even thought this is really difficult and you have to be very careful. Only if you are wise, will your happiness be guaranteed.

You’ll certainly find your perfect match, since there is no real happiness without love. You’ll have internal peace and you’ll build a world where peace will be an obvious law.

You only have to be a good student and follow the wise lessons you receive in your own dreams. They help you develop your own intelligence and personality, so that you may be always balanced, sensitive and sensible.

Dream interpretation according to the scientific method is a dynamic method of private psychotherapy because you receive guidance entirely free of charge everyday from the best existent doctor: the unconscious mind that produces your dreams. If you understand the messages you receive, you understand the unconscious’ psychotherapy.

Today you have the privilege to be able to immediately translate the dream messages thanks to my work. I continued the research of the psychiatrist Carl Jung and discovered the cure for all mental illnesse  svgdaily   s.

I discovered the meaning of many more symbols and I saw exactly what exists at the bottom of the human psyche, being guided by the wise unconscious mind. I can tell you that I discovered the cure for all mental illnesses because I prove to you that you can absolutely trust the natural doctor who sends you protective and informative messages in your dreams everyday.

You will be certainly cured from any mental illness, because you will be guided by the wisest doctor you could ever find!

Following the guidance of the unconscious mind you won’t make the mistakes imposed by your selfish, ignorant and one-sided human conscience and you’ll learn how to develop all your psychological functions, becoming always more and more intelligent.

Even if you don’t feel you need psychotherapy, you certainly do, because you have inherited a wild conscience that lives constantly trying to destroy your human conscience through craziness. You have to eliminate this enemy by transforming it into a positive part of your human side.

You’ll never find peace if the anti-conscience, your primitive side, keeps influencing your behavior, because it is violent and cruel.

You have to learn many things that you currently ignore about yourself and the world where you live.

The unconscious mind will teach you everything and help you to evolve. This is the only guaranteed and safe way that will certainly lead you to peace, love and happiness in life.

Don’t believe in any other, because whatever is far from your own transformation cannot bring you happiness. Don’t believe in all the illusions that try to mislead you, selling you easy solutions that don’t depend on your own efforts.

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