May 23, 2022 5:10 pm

Pool Maintenance – How Pool Chlorine Generators Save Time and Money

Adding chlorine in one form or another is a regular part of pool maintenance for all pool owners. Many of them have discovered a way to make that chore even easier, safer, and more accurate – with excellent results for the health of their pool, too. They installed a pool chlorine generator.

No, it doesn’t produce that chemical from magic fairy dust. And, no, an electrical device can’t create chlorine from electrical current. What they do is take a small amount of ‘seed’ compound you add from time to time and then use it with extreme efficiency.

A chlorine generator may only need to be ‘primed’ once per month, some as little as once per quarter. Then, through excellent design, they recycle the chlorine present in the pool to be used over and over again.

Chlorine kills a wide range of organisms and takes part in reactions to remove skin oils and other pool water contaminants. It’s highly reactive, which is one reason it is so effective. But because it is so reactive it can be very quickly depleted, simply by doing its job and combining with other things in the water. Once in that combination, that chlorine is no longer available for more use.

A pool chlorine generator takes those combined products, splits off the useful chlorine parts and discards the rest safely. It then returns the chlorine into the water to be used again. Because that chemical combination – once separated again – doesn’t permanently alter the chlorine ions, they do the same job just as well as the first time around.

The need for seed arises in order to get the process going. The need for occasional replenishment occurs because no machine is 100% efficient. Also, some chlorine inevitably evaporates off the water surface, making it impossible to recapture. But, in a well designed system and assuming normal water and air temperatures, those losses are minimal.

Rest assured, too, that the chlorine a generator creates is chemically identical to the free ions produced from ordinary maintenance compounds. It works the same way in the pool and performs the same function of killing bacteria, keeping your water safe and pleasant and clear.

There are different styles of pool chlorine generator but many can be installed with no professional expertise or help at all. Most run off standard 120V, so there’s no special wiring needed. They typically plug right into your existing pool plumbing, so you also don’t need a pro to hook one up.

Most also have a digital panel that helps monitor and control the system to get the exact results you want. The panel usually has several LCD-type display icons and touchpad-style buttons. Anyone familiar with a cell phone, a computer, or even an ordinary ATM will have no trouble reading and operating one. Advanced units even have electronic methods of measuring chlorine concentration.


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